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The Halloween Machine ran an iRacing, Xfinity Series Two-fer.

What made the Halloween Machine’s appearance in the Groovy Hollow 200 even more intriguing is the exact paint scheme that won the virtual race on Wednesday, ran the real race — the Dead On Tools 250 at Martinsville Speedway — on Saturday. Josh Berry piloted both cars. While the result on Saturday did not match Wednesday’s performance, Berry’s was running near the front of the pack most of the night until he got caught up in an accident late in the race. From the research we have done, the Halloween Machine is the first paint scheme to debut on iRacing and race in an actual NASCAR race the same week. Long live the Halloween Machine!

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Indiana Jones, err Eric, was in overdrive during the Grooby Hollow 200 broadcast dishing out prizes to viewers who were generous enough to donate to Extra Life. More than 50 prizes were distributed, including gift cards, Lionel Racing diecasts, t-shirts, polos and OOTG cinch bags.

Josh Berry was the Mystery Driver of the Halloween Machine

The Out of the Groove YouTube chatroom was abuzz as fans attempted to guess the identity of the mystery driver. Jimmie Johnson, Tobias Forge (lead singer of the band Ghost), Dale Jr., Danica Patrick were some of the hundreds of names people flooded the board with during the race. There was only one Mystery Driver and it was Xfinity Series driver Josh Berry, who Eric revealed as the Mystery Driver of the Halloween Machine midway through the race.

Eric’s Trailer Video Sparks Intrigue and Converts to Live Viewers

More than 7,000 people tuned in LIVE to watch the Groovy Hollow 200 on Wednesday, October 27. To date, the race has received more than 24,000 views on YouTube. Thank you for all of those who tuned in live and via replay to watch the inaugural running of the Groovy Hollow 200. And a special thanks to those who donated to Extra Life!

Lionel Racing wins the Groovy Hollow 200 Paint Scheme Contest

With the support of their diehard die-cast community, not to mention a rockin’ paint scheme, Lionel Racing was crowned winners of the inaugural Groovy Hollow 200 Paint Scheme Contest. More than 6,000 votes were tallied during the three-day contest leading up to the Groovy Hollow 200. Honorable mentions were awarded to Forney Industries and Norfolk State University.

Great job, y’all

The Groovy Hollow 200 was a huge success as the Out of the Groove community raised more than $6,000 for children in need! This was our first venture into the gaming charity world and the entire OOTG community stepped up in a big way. We would like to thank Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network Program, for allowing us to help their cause.

Undefeated Then, Undefeated Now

They say, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Well, the return to Groovy Hollow saw a lot of the same old, same old as the 2021 version of the infamous Halloween Machine — piloted by legendary short track driver and Xfinity Series star Josh Berry – slayed the 30 car field to win the Groovy Hollow 200.

The Halloween Machine escapes, again, with the win

Twenty nine cars vied for a chance to dethrone the Halloween Machine. Battles were fought valiantly throughout the race. Paint was traded, rubber was burned, and hopes were dashed all night long. In the end, the eternal force known as the Halloween Machine could not be stopped. The Halloween Machine’s winning streak continues!

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